You likely have tons of stuff sitting around your home (definitely in your storage unit if you have one) that you just haven’t used in the last 6 to 12 months. It is likely that you can make a few hundred dollars in 60 days, but how do you get started? Keep reading on.  I’m going to tell you exactly how I made my first $500 on eBay in less than 60 days. First thing you’ll need is to download the eBay mobile app.   iOS eBay mobile app Android mobile app Now go through all the stuff that you have sitting in boxes in your closets and garage.  While you’re going through everything you can begin to find out what has value and what can just be donated. Open up you the eBay app and search for your item.

Once the items come up select filters.

Select the sold tab so you’ll be look at all the listings that sold.

What you want to look at here is – the date it most recently sold, how much it sold for, and whether it was sold as an Auction or Buy Now.  Click into the listing and make sure to read the details because someone maybe selling your item brand new so it will sell for more.

Take everything that has some value even if it’s five dollars and set it aside.  What I do is put a post-it with how much it most recently sold for so when I go to list it, I can move a bit quicker. Now you are almost ready to begin selling.   Go to and create yourself an account if you don’t already have one.   Create an eBay account if you don’t already have one. Alright, lets start making some money. List your items First, search for your item again; under “sold”, exactly like before.  Find your exact item that sold and look at the listing.  If it’s the same item you can hit “Sell One Like This”

Be careful when you do this as some items people sell are verified for authenticity, could be new and not used so go through every section of the listing you’re creating.  When you use “Sell One Like This” many parts of the listing will be prefilled so just make sure everything applies to your item as well.

Fill out each section with as much information as possible. You should use the name of the item in the title (sub title can include a variation of the name) and description.  eBay is its own search engine so by using the name in multiple key points the listing will be better optimized and have a better opportunity at ranking high in a search. Take all original pictures of your products.  I use a white poster board and just place the item on top. Now it’s time to “Format & Price”. Here you can select whether you want a fixed price or run an Auction to sell your item.

Auction Settings – Set you “Auction Start price” at the minimum you are willing to accept for the item. If you want you can use the option of “Buy It Now Price” for the price you’d like to sell if for.  The “Reserve Price” is a hidden minimum you’re willing to accept and is usually higher than the starting price. That means that if it doesn’t sell for that reserve price you won’t have to sell it and could relist it. The duration and when you want to start is up to you.

Fixed Price Settings – Set your “Buy It Now Price” around what it most recently sold for. You can turn on the Best Offer option so people can make you an offer if you’re willing to take less than your Buy It Now Price. You can also increase your buy now price a little for room to negotiate an offer. If you have more than one item you can enter quantity. How long you run your item and when it starts is up to you.  I keep my listing up for 30 days but it’s up to you.

Shipping For shipping type, I like to use calculated: cost varies by buyer location.  This way you don’t lose money on the shipping.  You can also offer Free shipping if you like. Package details set to Package (or thick envelope). Shipping service I use USPS First Class Package.  The cost is usually the lowest.  

And the final section to set-up is “Preferences”. This is where you’ll enter your payment info (PayPal email address). The zip code of where the item is shipping from. For “Handling Time” same day or 1 day are both really good as people like to get what they paid for quickly. No returns as you’re selling stuff you’ve had sitting around and you don’t need it back.

Now you’ll hit continue and make your item live and you’re ready to make you some money. Here is a screen shot of my eBay account that shows what I’ve made in the past 60 days since I started. 

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