SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important tools to be used on every website from a small business website, to large business website, every webmaster and blogger needs to use search engine optimization. Internet marketing has forever been changed by the emergence of SEO.

A website or blog is only as effective as the marketing strategy used to promote it. In order to achieve search engine optimization, website owners and bloggers need to make sure there is quality written content on their site and that pertinent keywords are used. This is the way to get a particular site to rank high in search engine queries.

For example, a website or blog about a hurricane shutter company should use keywords in the content such as hurricane shutter installation, Florida hurricane shutters and other keywords people are likely to use when searching the Internet for a hurricane shutter company.

SEO is also about getting a website or blog’s link advertised in as many places as possible. For example, one good way to get a link out there for others to see is for a website/blog owner to comment on other people’s websites and blogs and include a link to their own website or blog in their comment.

Another aspect of search engine optimization is making sure the layout of a particular website is SEO friendly. This means that the website has to be easy to navigate. Short pages, emphasis on keywords and an absence of Flash are all necessary elements. Header tags should be used around the most important keywords, because this will make the website more visible to search engines. One thing to avoid in order to maintain a high SEO ranking is pop up ads.

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Below you will find a video from Google’s Matt Cutts explaining how search works or view this Google infographic.