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Before we can get into the 5 tweaks we need to know what people are actually typing into the search engines when searching for your products and services.

Here are a few tools that we use for keyword research:

After you have your keywords you also have to think about where you are trying to rank. If you’re a local business in Boca Raton and you’re selling locally you need to add a Geo modifier to your keyword when using them. An example would be “SEO Services Boca Raton” where Boca Raton is your geo modifier.

Tweak 1
Refresh/ Update Meta Tags

Meta Tags tell search engines what your website is about and helps search engines with ranking websites.

  • Meta “Title” – Tells the search engines what the page/ website is about like a title to a book. You want to use a keyword rich Meta Title – No more then 60 to 70 characters and use a geo modifier.
  • Meta “Description” – This provides search engines a description of what the website/ page is about. Use your main keyword towards the beginning of your Meta Description. The description should be no more then 140 to 160 characters.
  • Meta “Keywords” – Google says they don’t use meta keywords but other search engines still do. Place 3 to 4 keywords that are related to the content.
  • Meta “Robots” – This tells the search engines that it’s ok to come in and crawl the website and follow the links or it can be set to tell search engines not to index and not to follow the links. You want to make sure this is set to index and follow.

Tweak 2
Refresh and/ or Expand On-page Copy

Is the copy on your page focused for a specific product or service?

Your copy on a page needs to be specific to that product or service you are looking to rank that page for. You want to include your keyword/s in the copy but not all over. The copy needs to be written for humans not for search engines. It also needs to be original content, not taken from Wikipedia or some other source and put on your website. That is a big NO NO with Google for duplicate content.

Tweak 3
Make Sure To Use Heading Titles

Your copy should also include a Heading tag/ title. These range from H1 – H6 titles with H1s having the most weight when it comes to SEO. The Heading Titles are similar to a Chapter title in a book. You want your Heading Title to be keyword rich again with a geo modifier if you’re looking to rank in a specific area.

Tweak 4
Optimizing Images – 2-step process

When search engines are crawling your website they can not see how pretty it is and what the images are. There are two things we do to help search engines with identifying what the image is.

The first thing we do is change the file name of the image before we upload it to the website. When you take a photograph it has a funky file name usually a number or something (ex. DSC008978.png). You should change that file name to a keyword that relates to the content on the page that the image is going to go on.

Then when you add the image to your web page, you can add the Alt tag to the image, which is what tells the search engines what that image is.   The Alt tag should also be keyword rich with a geo modifier if you’re looking to rank in a specific area.

Example: Without Alt tag: <img src=” Remarketing-Services.png”>

With Alt tag: <img src=”Remarketing-Services.png” alt=”Remarketing Services Boca Raton”>

Tweak 5
Create & Submit XML Sitemap

After all changes have been made to the site you need to create an XML sitemap to submit to Google Webmaster Tools. A sitemap is simply that, a map of your website to help Google get from point A to point Z.

Google webmaster tools is a very powerful tool and if you’re not using it you need to.

By submitting your sitemap to Google it speeds up the process of indexing the site because you are telling them “Hey here is my map come take a look”

To create a sitemap you can visit and it will create the sitemap for you. All you have to do is download the XML file and upload it to your public_html folder on your server.

If your website runs on a Content Management System (CMS) there are options/ plugins that will create it for you. For WordPress CMS we recommend Yoast SEO plugin for the sitemap and for SEOing the website.

Do These Tweaks Work? Does SEO Work?

Below are two examples of how with proper SEO services your website can begin to drive a lot of traffic.

When we took began SEO on this site below in April of 2015 they had 97 organic new users and now in June 2015 they are at 233 organic new users.

Poochie organic

With consistent SEO services website traffic will continue to go up over time. If you stop doing SEO your website will begin to fall back.

Why? Because search engines are always working on being able to bring up the most relevant content based on the keyword you searched.

Below is a screen shot of a client that we’ve had for around a year now and in the chart you’ll see the consistent growth of the organic traffic going to the website.

In June 2014 they had 3,724 organic new users and in June 2015 they had 6,629 organic new users.


SEO is a great way to grow your business online.  You have to stay consistent with it as it is always changing.  I hope these tweaks were helpful and feel free to send me your thoughts and questions.

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