Over the past year Instagram has been moving more towards providing more business tools such as opening its ad platform to the masses.  Most recently they have begun to rollout Instagram business profiles.  More details below about the business profile.

Yesterday (July 15th) I went into the Recon Media Instagram page and received a notification at the top, like this:

Instagram Business Profile

I selected learn more and it provided some information about how it will redesign the profile page to the business layout and have insights.  I continued and took me through a process where it had me confirm the Facebook page that is associated with the Instagram account. Once confirmed that was it.

Instagram Business Profile Update


With the new business profile it is easier for users to identify that you’re a business and provide a service or product.  It pulls in the category and contact information from Facebook.  The “Contact” button makes it easy for people to contact your business by providing them with the option to Get Direction, Call, or Email and there is still a spot for a live link. Much easier for people to contact the business now. Here is a look at what the options look like:

Instagram Contact Options


The most useful part of the business profile is the Insights that it will be providing on your posts.  I’ve only had it for about 24 hours, so we’ll see how it works.  Since Instagram is a Facebook product the insights will likely be really good and help with strategizing Instagram campaigns.  Here is a look at what it looks like:

Instagram Insights

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