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4 Things Small Businesses Can Do On Facebook But Aren’t


Jose Victor Castellanos


July 29, 2020

Things Small Business Can Do On Facebook

The majority of small business owners already know that they need to be on Facebook and using Facebook. What happens is that most of them just don’t know how to use it.

Here are four things that every small business owner should be utilizing for their marketing to generate more business.

Facebook pixel – Facebook pixel allows you to track visitors that go to your website and be able to put them in a specific list to market to them specifically.  Now your marketing to a hyper-targeted audience of people that have already visited your website before and know of your brand.

Things Small Business Can Do

Lookalike audience – once you’ve created an audience within Facebook for people that are visiting your website you then create a look-alike audience. What this does is takes the people that are in your audience from your website and cross-references their profiles with everybody in Facebook to match up the people that are most likely to match your website visitors profiles.  Now you’ve created a new audience based data from your website visitors to market to.

small business marketing on Facebook

Boosting a post – Most small businesses have stopped posting on Facebook and feeling it’s a waste of time because they aren’t seeing any engagement.  The reason they aren’t getting any engagement is because Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t allow the post to be seen by enough people. By boosting a post it allows the post to go out to more of the followers and even friends of your followers.  This will result in more reach and engagement. The more engagement the further the reach.

Boost Facebook Post - Small Business Marketing

Results from booting a post for $1:

Facebook for Small Business

Leveraging video – people nowadays more and more are watching videos than reading blogs. On Facebook people are more inclined to watch a video than click through to read an article.  Videos can also be promoted on Facebook at a very low cost per view so you can get a lot of exposure for very little money.  In the example below, you’ll see that we reached over 2,000 people for less than $15.

Small Business Marketing - Facebook Video Ads

Those are a few of the things that small business owner should be doing but aren’t doing with their Facebook marketing.


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