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I'm an expert in these areas

With over 9 years of experience I've developed a full-stack of digital marketing skills.

My skills include: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising (Facebook/Instagram Ads), Email Marketing, and Content Marketing.

Because of my skill set I'm able to create digital marketing plans for my clients that creates a complete online presence while generating leads and sales.

marketing coaching

Marketing can be complicated. Especially when you don’t know much about marketing. Through my strategic planning and marketing consulting, business owners learn about digital marketing, are able to make informed decisions about their marketing, and most importantly have a solid digital marketing strategy with a plan to execute.

The strategic planning and marketing consulting programs are all about helping businesses develop and execute marketing strategies that will help their business grow in brand awareness and sales. Big businesses hire outside marketing consultants to help them develop and execute strategies for business growth. I’m doing that for Small & Medium Businesses.

paid advertising

My agency Recon Media, Inc. creates and executes paid advertising strategies that are ROI focused for our clients. Within paid advertising there are many options: search, display, remarketing, video, and social.

We work with Google Ads, Facebook/ Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads and a few others paid advertising channels.

marketing Education

Perhaps you're in the early stage of your company and you're seeking some digital marketing education. Or you're a small business owner and a Do It Yourselfer seeking how to grow your business with digital marketing this is for you.

There are both FREE & Paid digital marketing education.

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