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Best Mobile App for Beautiful Social Posts


Jose Victor Castellanos


July 29, 2020


Creating social media post is not easy and very time consuming. There are so many different apps and just so little time. I’ve used at least 20 different apps to create posts and each does one thing.  One of the very best apps that I found that makes it easy and create beautiful post is called WordSwag. Best app for creating beautiful social media posts. It has pictures to choose from, photo editing, a bunch of different fonts and layouts, you can add a logo, and more.  Below I go through how the app works.

Review of WordSwag

It’s available for both Android and Apple devices.

Here’s how WordSwag App works:

When you first enter the app you’ll be given the option to take a picture or select a picture from the thousands they have or upload from your camera roll.

WordSwag How To

Once you have selected your picture now you can actually crop the size of the image for different things. You can make it a square for Instagram, you can do a Facebook post, you can also create a Facebook cover image, as well as make full-size screen images for stories. Plus more.

How WordSwag Works

You have tons of fonts and font styles to choose from. You can also change the color of the font. As well as make edits to the image itself using filters and different editing options that they have.

You double tap on the words and then you can edit the text so you can write whatever you’d like. Or you can also select from different sayings/ quotes they have on the left-hand side. They can be classic sayings, sayings to motivate you in the morning and some other options.

How To Use WordSwag

When you save it you can also share it directly to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and a few more. You can also add your logo or watermark to the image to brand your image and personalize it even further.

Screenshot WordSwag

WordSwag has made my social media post much easier to do as I don’t have to find images as often. And I can make the text look real nice without a lot of effort and thinking. I highly recommend it for anyone that’s doing social media for yourself or for business.

Here are a few examples of social media posts that I’ve created using WordSwag.

Jose Victor Castellanos WordSwag Example
Jose Victor Castellanos WordSwag Example 2


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