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How To Create & Install Your Facebook Pixel


Jose Victor Castellanos


April 1, 2016

How To Create and Install Facebook Pixel

Here’s how you get the code and install it.

Go to your Ads Manager Account

You will see a screen that says Create A Pixel. Select the green button and it will create the pixel.

Where To Create Facebook Pixel

Then name your Pixel and select continue.  You don’t have to add a URL.

How To Create Facebook Pixel

Then you’ll be able to choose how you’d like to install the pixel on your website.  If your website is using any of their partners then you can just select it and follow the steps. Very easy.

Here are the partners.

If your site is not one of these partners then you’ll need to Manually Install the code or send the code and direction to your web developer.

Facebook Pixel Installation Process

Once you’ve installed the code on your site you can use the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension to verify it’s working.


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