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Networking - One Meaningful Connection


Jose Victor Castellanos


April 1, 2016

I wanted to take a minute and talk about my experience with Networking and specifically Networking Events.

For me, I've always hated going to networking events. People just trying to push their own agenda and if you're not interested in what they have to sell then they move on.  For the most part that is what I've experienced in the past.  

I've always gone with the intention of meeting someone that I could build a long business relationship with.  Whether that be a possible mentor for me, friend, someone to bounce ideas off of, refer business to, or even work together on a project. That wasn’t the same intention that other had.  It made me feel more uncomfortable.  

Out Of My Comfort Zone

I've always been more of the quiet one when in a group of people I don't know.  Till I get comfortable then I open up.  Networking Events were always strange for me because I never was the person to just walk up to someone and start a conversation.  Even when I was single at bars and clubs I wouldn't just walk up to a girl and spit game.

The good thing about Networking Events is that people will just walk up to you.  It made it easier for me when I first started going.  I was quickly turned off by the whole push your business approach that people were doing.

Like I said I wasn't there to push my business but rather make meaningful connections.

Changed My Mindset

In 2017 I began to take a different approach or mindset to Networking Events. I began to focus on making at least 1 good, meaningful connection. By doing this it reduces the anxiety of trying to meet everyone and get as many cards as possible.

By creating meaningful business relationships there are so many possibilities.  I'm always thinking long-term, never today.

There are always going to be those who are going to be pushing their business and just looking to sell you on their services.  I try to move quickly away from them if I don't feel any synergy.

By using this approach of focusing on meeting one person it has lead to some great friendships, opportunities, and introductions to people I may never have had the opportunity of meeting.

Get out of your comfort zone and start networking in person.  People buy from people they like and trust.


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