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Restaurant Instagram Ad Mistakes To Avoid


Jose Victor Castellanos


December 11, 2020

Lessons of what to never do this with your Restaurant Instagram Ads. Lessons all business owners can learn from.

Boy oh boy, does it grind my gears when I see a restaurant running ads on Instagram incorrectly. 

What is it that I see way too much? Their ads go-to their Instagram profile when you click on them.


When you’re telling everyone how great the menu is and about the great happy hour special going on every night. 

You want people to go where they can learn more to sell themselves on going to your restaurant.

Here are a few ads and how I would change them:

Example 1:

Citrus Fresh Grill Instagram Ad Mistake

This was a nice simple video ad. The creative is good and tells you what they offer. They even placed the address and phone number (a little small) in the creative.

They link to their Instagram profile. This isn’t going to create orders. This adds additional steps for someone to order.

I recommend linking to the website’s online ordering platform so it’s a single step. They see the menu and can order.

The other thing I would do is add the phone number and address to the ad copy section. That way people can grab the phone number and the address. Your website URL would also be useful here. 

Example 2:

Big Roccos Tavern Palm Beach Instagram Mistake to avoid

This ad has a beautiful image of drinks (got me thirsty) that is very likely catching people’s attention.

Again, driving people to their Instagram profile.

The ad copy below is actually pretty good.

What I would change is, I would add in the address so people don’t have to go to the profile. As well as, the hours that you’re open.

You don’t want to make people take extra steps for something so simple. 

People would rather keep scrolling than click to see how late you’re open.

If you show them how late you’re open along with the location address. Then someone could see the ad and make plans because they see right away that the location is nearby and they are open after they get off of work. 

I would also use an offer to get them in. Instead of “Tag your drinking buddy (first rounds on them)”; I would say “Tag your drinking buddy (first round on US if you mention this ad)” or “Tag your drinking buddy (first round on US sign-up below) 30 days to use”. This last one will help you also build your email list. 

Example 3:

Restaurant Instagram Ad Mistakes

Here’s a restaurant that is looking to book people for their New Year’s Eve event.

Awesome graphic. Looks to be made using Canva. (If you don’t have a way to create content sign-up for Canva.)

There is good information in the image. Perhaps a little too busy.

Now, once again, driving people to their Instagram profile. 

They are looking to get people to make a reservation for a special night. Sending people to their Instagram page will not get people to register.

What I would do is drive the traffic to a specific page on the website only about New Year’s Eve reservations. What’s included, specials, why New Year’s at Salt7, etc..

People have to be sold on the idea. 

On the landing page, I’d place both the option to book online, a phone number for reservations, and a contact form that goes directly to reservations. (This would depend on how they run reservations.)

Example 4:

Instagram Ad Mistakes to Avoid for Restaurants

This example looks perfect. 

Till…. I clicked “Learn More”.

It went to their Instagram profile.

They have a great one-liner with their phone number, address, and website.

But if you want to learn more you have to go to their Instagram profile, then check out their bio, and then see if they have a link to their website.

It’s just too many steps for consumers.

Create the path of least resistance. 

Those are four examples of restaurants running Instagram ads incorrectly.

Here are the takeaways from this:

1. Never pay to drive people to your Instagram Profile (unless for a very specific reason)

2. Drive people to your website - directly to menus or online ordering 

3. Include your restaurant’s phone number, address, and website (optional if your ad goes to your website) in the ad copy

4. Use specials to get people in the door and/or grow an email list - “Mention this ad and save xx% off your order” - “Sign-up for xx% off your first visit”.

5. Make it easy for consumers to conduct business with you and learn about your restaurant. 

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