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The Difference Between Google Ads and Facebook


Jose Victor Castellanos


February 22, 2021


What is going on, Jose here.

In this video today I wanna talk to you about Facebook Ads versus Google Ads and what's the difference.

First let's go through Google Ads.

Search ads is the most common way that Google Ads are used.

Google has a lot of different options in their advertising platform but the most common way that it's used is for the search results and search ads.

Someone goes to Google, types in a search for something that they're looking for, to learn about, to purchase whatever it may be. They'll put in their terms or phrase in the search bar and then they'll get the results.

Typically above all the organic results you will see these ads. There's typically four ads that appear above the organic results.

It can look different depending on the search phrase and the service or product that you're looking for.

If you're doing like a search for say sneakers or shoes you'll likely get Google Shopping ads in there as well. But the main thing is you put in a keyword and then your ads will appear at the top there above everything else.

These ads are targeted based on the keywords that the advertiser is bidding on.

You would bid on specific terms or phrases related to your business and how much you're willing to pay for that click. And then when the person does a search and happens to include the keyword or key phrases that you've entered, then your ad will populate.

If they click on your ad then you will get charged. And that's how the Google search ads work.

Facebook's a bit different.

Facebook ads are placed throughout the platform, mostly in the feed.

As soon as you open it up and start scrolling down, that's your main News Feed. There are other placements, just like Google has other placement options; so does Facebook.

But really it places it all throughout their platform. And the way that it's targeted is based on the different interests, behaviors, and demographics that you've selected as your target.

You really need to know who your target is, what their behaviors are, what interests they have. Maybe even their demographics so that you can really hone in on placing your ads in front of the right people.

Some pros and cons.

Google Ads, pros.

You can capture prospects as they are actively searching for your product or service.

If they are specifically looking for your product or service, they're likely in need of that product or service or doing some research because they intend to use that product or service in the future.

The other pro about Google Ads is that you're above all your organic competition. So you're at the very top, you're in the first couple results. Most people don't scroll very far down. So once you're in the top results you have a very good opportunity to capture that traffic and capture that potential prospect.

Some of the cons.

Very limited on the space. There's only four placements at the top. It's highly competitive. So everyone is competing within Google Ads.

Since there are only four spots and it is a bid system depending on who's willing to pay the most or has their campaign most optimized will typically gain the top positioning. And typically the cost per click on Google Ads are going to be higher than you'll see on Facebook.

Some Facebook Ads pros and cons.

Some of the pros.

Make a new audience aware of your product or service. So this will allow you to get your product or service in front of new audience or potentially people that may not have even known that you were an option in that market.

It's less competitive. Nearly only 25% of all Facebook business pages are actually advertising on Facebook so there's still a lot of competition that is not on here.

And you typically find that the costs are going to be lower than on Google when it comes to click, views, and all that.

Some of the cons is it's limited to only the audience that's on Facebook and Instagram.

If they're not on Facebook or Instagram you are not able to reach them. And to get the right target can be a little tricky 'cause you do have to know who your potential customer is, what interests they have, what behaviors they have that are related to your product or service so that you are placing your ads in front of the right people.

Which is better.

And really most cases when it comes to marketing it depends. They each serve a purpose and are both great platforms to advertise on.

They work really well together as a multi-channel marketing option but if you have to choose one, there's two things you should keep in mind.

What your goal is and what your budget is.

If your goal is to create brand awareness and let people know that you're here, you're available, you're out there, you likely want to use more Facebook 'cause you can get your ads in front of people's eyes and let people know that you're available.

If you want to drive specific leads and sales you can use both platforms, you can drive sales on either one of these platforms.

If you are specifically only looking to get people that are actively searching, then Google's a better option perhaps.

There's a lot of things to keep in mind, mostly keep in mind your goal and your budget. Google is gonna be more expensive to advertise on than Facebook, but like I said, they are both great options, and there are ways to utilize both at the same time to really drive more sales, more leads, and more business.

Thanks for your time.

If you don't know who I am, my name's Jose Victor Castellanos, and I teach business owners how to do marketing and grow their sales.

You can connect with me on Facebook or Instagram, jvictorcast on Instagram, jvictorcast1 on Facebook. Those are my business pages so connect with me there.


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