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WTF is Clubhouse?


Jose Victor Castellanos


January 22, 2021

There is a New Kid on the Social Media Block.

You may have heard of it. It’s called CLUBHOUSE.

Not Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - just Clubhouse.

It’s not full of cat videos and food pictures at all. It’s completely different.

What is it? 

Clubhouse is a completely audio social media app where users can create a room and others can listen to the people speaking live as well as have the option to engage in the conversations with a "Raise Hand" option.

Within a room, there is a moderator (usually the person who started the room) that will speak on a topic or have others speak on a topic.  A moderator can bring others on stage to speak/ask questions and make other people moderators.

As a user you can jump into a room and listen to what is being spoken about. If you don't like it you leave and can go to another. There are conversations around - Places, Sports, Identity, Entertainment, Wellness, Arts, Tech, Faith, Languages, Hustle, Knowledge, Life, World Affairs, and Hanging Out.

The most popular format I see is Q & A sessions with industry experts. Just be careful as not everyone is an industry expert.

It’s been rather addictive to listen to as there is a lot of value being provided. World class business speakers are in the platform providing value that you would otherwise pay for to get access to. People are spending consecutive hours on it at a time. I spent 5 hours listening one day when I first got on.

Why is there so much hype around CLUBHOUSE?

First, it's completely different from any other social app. The app is only available on iPhone/iOS at this time as well as by invite only. This is creating a FOMO (fear of missing out) effect so people are getting on to find out what all the hype is about.

So how can you use CLUBHOUSE for your business?

The best way to look at CLUBHOUSE right now is a networking opportunity to connect with people. Jump into rooms that you're interested in or that a potential customer would be interested in and share who you are and what you do. Raise your hand, ask questions, and provide value. You can also start your own room to create exposure.

As of right now, this is my strategy

  • To connect with people in my industry that are already popping on Clubhouse and have busy rooms
  • Build that relationship and show that I can provide value to their audience (also my audience)
  • Get on stage and provide value to the audience during Q&A sessions

Pro-Tip - An important part of Clubhouse is your bio. It’s the only place you have to provide a way for people to know what you do. I recommend filling it out as best as possible so when people click on your image to see who you are they have a bio that tells them. Also make sure to link to your Instagram profile as I'm seeing followers from CLUBHOUSE follow on Instagram.

If you're not on CLUBHOUSE, you have an iPhone, and you would like to join I have 3 invites. Send me an email or a message on Facebook or Instagram and I'll send you an invite.


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