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Facebook Advertising

Turns $3k Ad Spend into $144k in Revenue

Increase Online Sales

Hot Miami Shoes hired us (Recon Media, Inc) to help them increase their online sales using Google Ads and Facebook Advertising. In the first two months we spent $3,000 in Facebook advertising and made $144,000 in revenue. They also had two consecutive months breaking $100,000 in online sales.


Hot Miami Shoes



Service Offered:

Google Ads Management | Facebook Ads Management

project details

The Problem

They have had an online store for a few years but the retail store has been the primary source of sales for the company. Now they want to create more brand awareness and increase online sales.

Our Solution

We developed a Facebook & Instagram advertising campaign targeting their ideal customer. We leveraged the data from the Facebook pixel to quickly generate custom and lookalike audiences. As well as, used data from their analytics to understand customer paths and purchase cycle. We created videos to create awareness at very low costs and strategically placed them in front of the target audience. Once we found our ideal target we pushed purchase ads.

Our Results

Final Results

Total Ad Spend: $2,942.14
Total Sales Revenue: $144,082.05
Return on Ad Spend: 48.97
Total # of Purchases: 1,451
Cost per purchase: $2.03
Total # of People Reached: 318,084
Total # of Ad Impressions: 911,432


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